Residential Design
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Living Room Here is an original photo montage of a clients family history. The original black and white photos were converted to a \"sepia tone\" effect in order to bring some warmth to the work. The art was mounted to a lightweight board and hung on the wall
Wall Painting Here we have a canvas created to honor the passing of a loved one. A gallery wrap is again used to eliminate the need for an expensive frame.
Country Living Room Here is an original work of art created from photos supplied by the client. The painting on canvas was then stretched using a "gallery wrap" technique and hung on the wall.
Living Room Here is a montage of photos supplied by the client from a recent trip. An original work of art was created and mounted on a lightweight board and hung over the sofa to create a very personalized work of art
Living Room Here we have a custom designed piece of art, stretched on canvas and hung above the sofa. A great deal of communication and planning is necessary for a successful execution of such an original work.
Dining Room A unique montage of photos from a recent trip are output on vinyl wallpaper in this modern dining room. Notice the careful coordination of color and textures.
Wall Vacation Mural A partial wall mural was created in this living room from photos taken on a recent trip. Colors were coordinated with existing furniture fabrics.
Entertainment Room Mural This partial mural was created using photos of the client's picturesque community. The art was printed on vinyl wallpaper and applied in the usual manner.
Teen Room This pre-teen bedroom mural displays a graphic creation to reflect a child's interests. By applying art or photos that are meaningful to a child it is more likely to create a calm and nurturing environment.
Kids Bedroom This bedroom mural displays a graphic created to brighten up a child's bedroom. It has been shown that exposing a young child to bright colors and interesting shapes can aid in the development of perceptual skills.
Entertainment Room Mural Here we have a full living room mural crated with photos from a client's vacation. Special attention was paid to color in an effort to reflect the rooms interior.
Classic Living Room A tribute to a beloved pet graces this class interior. The photos provided by the client were used to create the art which was mounted on Dibond and then artistically framed.

Whether it's your family heritage or a special design for a children's room, we can create a design to fit your needs. We take your photos and your dimensions and create wall art custom designed to your specifications. The final result is artwork that can be admired for years.